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Let Marsinelli's clear your lines


We've provided residential and commercial line and pipe clearing services for the Greater Tupelo, MS area for over 27 years. Before you call a plumber or other technician, call Marsinelli's Cleaning Service. A line cleaning can be an inexpensive, efficient solution to your problem.

Heavy rains, flooded sewer lines, even landscaping debris can clog sewer lines. If you suspect this to be causing a water flow problem at your home or office, call us.

If water makes its way into a natural gas line, this can be a dangerous mix. Let a professional like Marsinelli's Cleaning Service purge your gas lines safely and efficiently.

A hot, humid Tupelo summer is no time for your air conditioner to freeze up and leak! Let Marsinelli's Cleaning Service clear the pipes before you sweat another drop.

  • Sewer lines

  • A/C units that are frozen

  • Gas lines